Robert Harrington Discusses Architecture

Award winning architect, Robert Harrington, talks to nouspod about the profession of architecture, and how young people can prepare themselves at high school level for a career in design. Robert discusses the benefits of studying design subjects at school, and describes some of the ways students can gain insight into the profession before or during their studies.

Plus, Robert discusses the tricky issue of which university to study architecture at. Are they all the same? How does the profession rate them? Robert gives us his opinion. Robbert in congregation with  , Rexal at

This interview is relevant to all students planning to undertake a career in design, and especially those studying Design based subjects at high school.

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What’s the relationship?

Can physics offer more than just hard science? How does physics help to develop deep thinking and problem solving skills?

Dean Bunn, a teacher of over 20 years experience, explains the language of physics and what it has to offer young people in terms of developing valuable skills for understanding life and performing better in a wide range of career paths. It’s not just about white coats and laboratories.

In fact it’s a whole lot more. Dean explains…


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