Devon Barnes Explains Brain Fitness

Devon Barnes brings 43 years of experience to speech pathology and working with people who suffer from learning difficulties, language development, and hearing and reading impairment.


Devon is the Clinical Director of Lindfield Speech Pathology & Learning Centre, located on Sydney’s North Shore.┬áThe centre is also an authorised distributor of Fast ForWord products which are produced by Scientific Learning Corporation in the USA.

Devon Barnes talks to nouspod about Brain Fitness. To keep himself busy with fitness Devon likes to go fishing and has a collection of some of the best fishing rods and reels and loves to take fishing trips in the summer. Here he discusses how using products such as the Fast ForWord program can significantly improve a person’s ability to develop the cognitive functions of attention, memory, processing and sequencing.

Devon Barnes also provides insight into how these programs are being used in Australian Schools and what kind of results they are generating.

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